We are a company which grew out of the university labs. Our mission is to convert the border between the research and industry into a bridge for knowledge and technology transfer. Our aim is to develop innovative instruments for better and faster water quality monitoring.

The BOD monitoring system we designed is based on new generation of biosensors capable to detect and quantify the organic pollution in water.


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We care about the climate. Our planet is worth saving. Our product is not just a climate neutral, it helps actively to make things better by:

1) Better water ecosystems monitoring and preservation. “Healthy” ecosystems and the services they provide are sustainable approach to prevent climate change by adsorption and reduction of the greenhouses emissions due to the involving of the carbon in its natural cycle. 

2) Better technology control and optimization of the wastewater treatment which prevents the emissions of methane (stronger as a greenhouse gas than the CO2).

3) The biosensor based monitoring is noninvasive and do not require any chemicals which minimizes the CO2 footprint of each measurement by avoiding the industrial syntheses and production of complex chemical reagents.